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Cell Clinical Acoustophoresis Research Environment, Cell-CARE, ran between 2009-2014 and developed new technology for cell separation in clinical applications. It was based on microfluidics combined with acoustophoresis, a platform pioneered by the coordinator, Dr. Thomas Laurell, Lund University (Contact). Cell-CARE was funded by VINNOVA and  involved four research areas:

*Circulating tumor cells in prostate cancer, headed by Dr. Hans Lilja (Lund University, University Hospital of Malmö, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, NY).

*Sorting out viable neurons from a cell suspension with dead and alive neurons, headed by Dr. Tomas Deierborg (Lund University).

*Haematopoietic peripheral blood stem cells for transplantation, headed by Dr. Stefan Scheding (Skåne University Hospital, Lund).

*Blood component preparation in transfusion medicine, headed by Dr. Lena Åberg (Skåne Blood Center).


The Cell-CARE environment grant period has ended.
No more news will be published here.


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